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Waktu dia datang dengan laki-laki lain,ps: dia bukan pacarnya

Come what may, I'm not gonna stray....

the guardian

Whatever will be

after sunset

an hour from Flo

an hour from Flo

Kamu ingin sampai sebelum pintu itu terutup?


it's hard not to think about-than missing-u, hard to 'forget it' though i know i have to..


hei kamu yang jauh

full moon

i miss my sunshine so bad

pagi basah yang indah


home...with the bitter yet sweet reality, cruel yet lovely paints for me

safety net


n'est pas Qn


a letter to princess of innocent world

"kata-kata perusak malam"

dear party girl...

taking chances

it all start from someone named: Me

c'est toi...

being not too hard to myself, semalam saja :)

if u never try, u'll never know

drunken bull-shitter

pelajaran cinta

bintangku sayang...kamu emang sialan...

the end

15 Februari 2007

the diary of ...

...yet, he's so gorgeous...

...dan kamu memilih...


boobs attack many ways