I’ve been wondering since...I can't remember, about this question.

Since I can feel the L thing, then losing it back and forth:

If the perfect one does exist in this real life.

All my stories lead me to a big no as the answer. I’ve decided to be a cynical, who thought that those tales about good person with a warm heart and brave soul is a bunch of crap, and that I’d be stupid to keep expecting one to finally show up in my life.

Funny, but being that girl I feel saver than ever, strong enough to face everything in my life because apparently, since I’m a very romantic person, those L issues were what scared me the most.

And yesterday He sent me you. You, who have been around for a while before, finally give me that full stop at the end of my sentences. There is no question left anymore.

The time isn't right for us to be together, though the feeling is.

It doesn’t really matter I am still grateful for every joy and every tears.

Thanks to have visited my chaos heart, touched it in the best way, the perfect scent.

Even for just a moment.

I’ve find him. I’ve find you.


adi said…
menemukan memang indah.
kehilangan membuat gundah.
mempertahankan terasa susah.
pusing ah...


had found someone is not the end of the journey, it's a start for new one.
period is a sign for a new sentence,right ?
well, i bet u already know that ;)

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