Wednesday, October 05, 2016

What to say to an ex who asks too much

An ex has been sending me meaningless messages since I started posting Instastories for the past couple of weeks. Not sure why, messages would go around "you look pretty" or "you look happy" etc.

Last week he, being married with kids himself, innocently asked me the question:

"Don't you want to be married, Krist? I promise it's going to make you happier." 

This is not the first time for me, hello I'm in my mid 30s. But I think I want to record my answer here, not to start a debate or matchmaking madness (hello, I'm me) but just in case someone needs a reference to answer such a typical question.

"You know, the young me used to listen and adore your point of view. But now, it's either you've lost your wisdom, or I've grown much wiser 😉

I'm happy for you because you have found your joy, hope you can be happy for me in return since I've found mine too (without marriage). While the idea may sound odd to the old-fashioned ones, I'm turning down proposals because I am so not in a rush. I see the institution as something sacred, i want to go for it (if ever) because I've met a person whom I can trust and spend the rest of my life with--not because "it's time 🤓" 

You're welcome. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Storm that I Believe In

Let's not define this more than: that it's beautifully painful. Let's not discuss the longing, the what ifs, the whys. Let's not talk about the uncertainties because..

...well, they said life is short: pick your battles. So let's ignore the fact that our hearts beat a bit slower, a bit heavier. 

And our eyes glisten. 

(I miss you) 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

No matter how honest and warm I began

I always ended up chopping my letter into one normal-but cold, impersonal, template like-sentence. For millions reasons. 

One for millions. 

Maybe some day I'll tell you a story about what growing up means to me. And I'll listen to yours.

Till then, I hope you're well and happy.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Here's A New One for You

They said people grew apart, but I never thought there will ever be a day like this. Those empty words and technicalities, the sky was bright but we were not. 


You've changed and I wish you haven't. Because, yes I heard that time heals. But in this case, 

losing the pain itself kinda hurts.