Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We dream, always. We said we don't but we always do, we just forget. But this one, let me capture this dream. Which has not sparkling stars and loud laughters--nothing more but blurry images in calm wood tone colours.

But there were us and hugs. And an ultimate tranquillity, around and in me.

The kind of beauty which shall not be forgotten. 

Why do I think so much of the past.

Maybe because it's done. It's predictable, it's controllable. Everything. I know how it starts, how it ends. I'm familiar with the mistakes and the good calls I've made. I know all the pain and I'm sure that I'm strong enough to deal with them because I, otherwise, wouldn't be in my room right now, writing this piece. The past has a good portion of certainty, something that the present and future are lacking of.

Uncertainty, apparently, is something too intimidating that I need to constantly distract myself.

Autumn has started and I wish I was there.