Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't Cheat

Let's not cheat. Though we're smart enough to find justifications, though we have enough reasons. Though we almost forget why we're together, though we don't remember anymore those tingling sensations in our tummy. That stare which started everything, those smiles followed by the first conversation...what was it that we talked about? Was it the weather or the book I was reading? Or was it just a simple, straight forward 'hi'?

The first date and then the first kiss, the very moment we hum that typical sigh, "Hmm." And then the second kiss, which lasted longer. A lot longer.

The first fight, that impossible mixture of hatred and huge love. Those tears and those make-up kisses and hugs.

And the unspoken promise that we're gonna be together no matter what, which were finally said: for better and for worse.

And days went by faster, life got more and more complicated and we went to different directions. Have grown apart they say. Yet we, you and I, we remember and we long for those sparks. We're older, bitter, but we still want to be in love.

We've become smarter, but are we getting wiser?

Wise people question lot of things, almost every concepts...But do they not keep their promises? Do they not keep their commitment and, if they had to, be fair when they put it to an end?

Let's not cheat. Talk, try again, and leave if it still didn't work out. And then find another soul, and be in love again. Make new stories, new promises, new journey. Whatever.

But don't cheat. For everything we've forgot but been through; We were once in love, otherwise we wouldn't be here, we were once in love. And for that, let's be fair to each other, at the very least.

For everything we've forgot but been through; We were once in love, otherwise we wouldn't be here, we were once in love. And for that: I will never cheat on you. Ever.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

In Love

I understand that in love we would stretch our limit, compromise, give. I understand that in love we would think of someone else(s) and not just ourselves. I understand that in love we learn everything about the person, be it a lover, a friend or family, every moment, everyday. In love we try some other perspectives, connect it to our logic, we understand and trust. And when we don't understand we just trust and let go. We love the person, it's all that matters.

I don't understand why, though. That in love, we hurt each other. We say nasty things, we yell. We still keep our ego, our selfishness: Calling it pride or principal. We force things, we can't agree to disagree. We demand everything to unite, to be one. One heart, one mind, one life. We forget that it's impossible. There are two: two hearts, minds. Life, history. It takes two to tango, it takes two to be in love, not one.

We love each other, it's all that matters.