Monday, November 21, 2011

Distanced Beauty

There was a bar in Paris and a radio in London. And in between there were laughters, tears and discussions; only over the phone. There was never a bridge so eyes could meet and hands could clutch. So shoulders, noses and lips could touch. There was never a bridge so love could be more than just a pretty story. There was never a bridge so hapiness could be put into reality.

What is it with distance and beauty. Why the moon, the stars, sunset and sunrise are to be seen from afar. And a dream to remain a dream, a sweet touch in that cup of tea and cream. That bitter dark liquid we're addicted to, that impossible tale starred by only me and you.

There was a bar in Paris, a radio in London and a thousand clue . That impossible cup of tale we're addicted to, a sweet dream starred by only me and you. Distance and beauty, the impossible reality.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Till then.

Sebaiknya selamakan diammu, asal kau tetap disitu. Teruslah bicara lewat dua terang tanpa suara sejauh tidak berbentuk kata-kata. Sampai kita lahir lagi di waktu lain, saat mimpi tinggipun menjadi mungkin.

...And till then, I've zero complain.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Autumn is Slightly Better Than Spring

You don’t know.

Why the frown and grey words that comes after

Why the love for rain and wind and the dark night

Why the sleep deprives and fears to wake up

You don’t know, but it’s alright.

You don’t understand

Why the longing for ends and the silver skies

Why the constant urge to scream in a form of total silence

Why fetching troubles only to justify those tears

You don’t understand, but it’s alright.