Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sweet dreams,

and fear not tomorrow. Let it be another battle, just another battle to stay true. To stay who you are, the complicatedly honest and loveable soul you've been. 

Next stop: Manhattan. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Give Me that Second Chance

Although this is really the twentieth, and you must have had enough. But I at least have not gone deaf and you are not yet speechless. 

So I think we can still talk, can we not. 

Explain, now would you please. What are you, again? And I. And us. And where should we go. 

And why this place could not be called The One, at least not by us. 

Explain. Now. Would. You. 


Monday, October 28, 2013

Sometimes I Wonder

...if you're still visiting.

I wonder what would you say, if only you could, about the dying painter in me.

"Paint more stories and poems," that usual line of yours. I oddly remember your tone while saying it, your expression. Your eyes won't blink and your smile won't be.

"I'm serious," you would say.


 And I.
Would laugh.
Just a bit.
And I.
Would ask.
For stories.
And more stories.
And poems.

And maybe other reality.
Other reality. With you in it.
With you.  

Monday, July 08, 2013

Lambaian Baik

Akhir minggu berakhir seperti cerita kita bercerita. 

Berputar membentuk lingkaran yang tak pernah sama, gelak tawa yang berbeda, dan langit malam yang ribuan dan semuanya istimewa.

Ketenangan yang sangat singkat meski rasanya menyisa erat. Cukup untuk bertahan lima langkah lagi, cukup untuk tak manjawab godaan untuk berhenti. 

Keinginanan sederhana setiap bangun pagi.

Akhir minggu istirahat seperti cerita kita mengambil jeda. 

Ini hanya koma,

Dan ini kecupan ringan sampai jumpa.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

A (repeating) New Start

The particular morning perfectly mixes frustration and a bit of excitement. Just a bit. Frustration in the little black dress, excitement in these red colored lips. A good bit that fades as the day goes by, as the sun sets with a promise of sweet nothingness--a long enough silence that ends with a beginning we are not too fond of.

But that starting line will be slightly better than this one.