Sometimes I Wonder

...if you're still visiting.

I wonder what would you say, if only you could, about the dying painter in me.

"Paint more stories and poems," that usual line of yours. I oddly remember your tone while saying it, your expression. Your eyes won't blink and your smile won't be.

"I'm serious," you would say.


 And I.
Would laugh.
Just a bit.
And I.
Would ask.
For stories.
And more stories.
And poems.

And maybe other reality.
Other reality. With you in it.
With you.  


Me said…
Paint more stories
Paint more poems

Perhaps about caramel macchiato, cinnamon, books and your journey to find the absolute truth
Anonymous said…
Draw some more please, and ease our hectic mind with your beauty words which flow peacefully....

Anonymous said…

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