Why do I think so much of the past.

Maybe because it's done. It's predictable, it's controllable. Everything. I know how it starts, how it ends. I'm familiar with the mistakes and the good calls I've made. I know all the pain and I'm sure that I'm strong enough to deal with them because I, otherwise, wouldn't be in my room right now, writing this piece. The past has a good portion of certainty, something that the present and future are lacking of.

Uncertainty, apparently, is something too intimidating that I need to constantly distract myself.

Autumn has started and I wish I was there.


maybe because something has left in, a bit
and something that come along within, it's too much
yet, what it will become for the future, so unsure

season has changed but the smell has the same memories

and the sense..

i couldnt figure it out
why does my heat beat so hard
everytime i think of it

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