That Familiar Pain

Waking up from a fantasy you really love. Waving goodbye to someone you cant live without. Greeting those bastards you call bosses. Laughing hard to hide those tears. Stepping into that building you don't wanna be in. Breathing the air they claimed polluted. Reading s**ts just because they're "important". Forgetting dreams you once hold on to. Stay alive and befriend that painful pain, because that's what adults do.

Being you, yet the best line you can come up with is "no clue".


angel said…
There's no escape is there? From this hollowness that we are so inclined to give meaning, just to be able to barely breathe, barely stay awake, and continue to hold on to a thread so fragile it can break any time. :* :*
Kristy Nelwan said…
"to hold on to a thread so fragile it can break any time."

Or maybe it broke already and we're just in denial.

"There's no escape is there?"

Or maybe there is a way out, we just don't wanna let go this comforting pain.

:* :*

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