Little Boy Shan't Tweet

In time, we'll see some impressive thin lines. Impressively thin, impressively distinctive. In between crazy and genius minds. In between laughters and tears. In between love and hatred.

Thin line in between denial and history
Thin line in between tacky and classy.
Thin line in between honesty and hypocrisy.
Thin line between you and me.

By all means choose not to see reality let alone something a bit more. Choose to ignore, to hide behind that closed door. Be soul-blinded to the very core, pretend not to want everything you've been fighting for. Loosen up, but make sure: regret not a thing in the future.

"You were like a little boy whining because all the attention wasn't focused on him. You were like a little boy walking by an ice cream store, crying because his mother wouldn't buy him a milkshake or something." ~Celine, Before Sunrise


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