A Letter to the Young Hearts


you may see us teachers/lecturers as a cold blooded-cranky creature. Especially when we throw you hours of speech after our lecture. You may hate our sharp words and accusation, saying that you haven't worked hard enough and that you come from a hopeless generation where crying for help from your parents is the solution for everything. You may think that we're being judgemental and closed minded. That we don't know how to have fun. That we're trapped in those boring classic books without knowing that contemporary literature is, by far, a lot more interesting. You may think that we're inefficient, spending days to read a book while you would choose to see the movie: same story, less time consuming.

Complicated teachers VS fun students.

But little did you know where did the speech come from. How we weren't accusing, we're only concern. How we wish you to be a bit stronger in facing failure and unfortunate moments. Because life is (most of the times) difficult and we need to be convinced that you'll fight and be fine eventually, no matter what. How we have experienced a bit more than you, we have done our mistakes and we simply don't want you to have similar regrets.

How we have learned lot from books, and how we have compared books and movies. Movies are great, entertaining ... But books give us opportunities to have better relationship with our imagination. To have the best entertainment show without having to go to the cinema or opera house, without having to have expensive home theatre set. To live in various kind of worlds. To see what can't be seen on screen. To hear the most magical voices in our head. To have no boundaries nor limits.

To experience what they call "the loud silence".

To see how reading, that time consuming act, gives you a lot more than just a story: wiser mind and richer soul. Because what more could a teacher want for his/her students?

So to found out that you can't finish a (contemporary) book or that you can't (or simply didn't want to) give your best efforts in learning, it hurts. My speech wasn't out of my anger, it was generated out of my worries. For I only want what's best for you.

And to surrender I will not.


ajengsp said…
i like it soooo much!!! >.<
Kristy Nelwan said…
Aaaw, thank you Ajeng SP, S.I.P :D Smoooch!
kata einstein juga imajinasi lebih penting dai logika :)
hidup buku...hidup dosen...hloh... hehehe...

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