A cup of coffee with Coincidence

“Why don’t you believe in me?”

“Why do I have to have reasons for not believing in you? The last time I checked, I could believe or not believe in whatever I want.”

“Like how you choose to believe in God?”

To believe is not something we choose.”

“What is it, then?”

“It’s something .. built in. I guess.”


“You tried to sound like you’re amused but that laugh of yours sounded more like frustration laughter.”

“Don’t think so highly of yourself, I’m not easily frustrated.”

“Right back at you. Don’t think so highly of yourself.

“Life would be so much easier if you believe in me.”

“Maybe. So much easier and less meaningful.”

“You judging those who believe in me?”

“No. I’m just saying that in my case, to believe in you means not going deeper into the darker part of the ocean.”

“Why would you wanna go to the darker part of the ocean? It’s cold and quiet over there. Scary.”

“That was an analogy, you silly.”

“I KNOW!” [Laugh] “Now that was a frustration laugh. I understand your analogy, I’m playing along. The deeper you go the scarier.”

“You know that answers your question.”

“Which question?"

“About why don’t I believe in you.”

“How so?”

”It’s scarier, but see … I think I’m brave enough to go deeper. I want something more than just that pretty view.

Believing in you, Coincidence, only works for either lazy or weak heart. Not me.”

“There are sharks there.”

“Who said I haven’t met some of them?”


[Their cups are empty]

“I’m gonna order some more.”

“Aren’t you done trying?”

“Never. Not until you believe.”

“But I am a believer. I believe in so many other things but you. I believe that I’m not ever gonna believe in you.”

“What’s with that full of hope glance? You think I’ll leave you that easy?”

“Certainly not. It’s moi who’s about to leave.”

“Gin Blossoms.”

[chuckle] “I know. You'll follow me down.”

“See you.”

“Not so soon, I hope.”

“Sooner later. Potato potahto.”

[Footsteps, fading out]




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