Weekend: when we pretend that nothing's wrong with our life

I was driving my Kübelwagen with a friend who talked of how much he loves weekend.

I strangely remember that particular moment for years after. Did some observations and found facts to support my friend's opinion, people actually look forward to weekends. It's when they woke up at nine without any guilty feelings (or swear "Fuck I'm late, for that matter). It's when they take their children to have fun, wherever that is. It's when they arrange Sunday barbecue and beers. Ladies go to beauticians, gentlemen go to the gym or game centre or golf park (rolling my eyes right there). It's when they go and spend hours of reading in the park, or hours of shopping in malls. It's when they read their favorite books, and update their blogs.

Hell it's when they would held their weddings.

I guess one of the reasons why I remember that conversation is the fact that all I could think about as he talked was one particular question: how could anyone speaks so highly about weekend?

A good friend once said "Most people spend their weekend to pretend that nothing's wrong with their life."

It took me years to become a true weekend lover myself. I believe that now I know how my friend felt back then.

I also believe that he did not like his job too much. Because having thoughts about it, I realized that the only different thing in my life back then was how much I loved what I was doing. I didn't care even if I had to do it on my weekends.

Which tells a lot about how I see my current job.

Yes, I know.



Anonymous said…
Damn right it is! Spend their weekend to pretend that nothing's wrong with their life.

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