I recently had an argument about this word. As often as we say it, 'trust' is actually not as simple as it sounds. Read an interview with Angelina Jolie where she said that she never trust, she finds trust as a bizarre concept.

And I strangely agreed (that 'trust' is a bizarre concept).

However, in that last debate about it, my opponent shut my argument with a fine line, "If we don't trust how would we live?"

The person had a point. I came to think how I want certain people to trust me-and I feel it's only fair that I trust them in return. No matter how.

So. Yeah.

Trust me now, don't ask me how.

"Cause baby I'm a fool who think it's cool to fall in love." -Melody Gardot


aRee said…
You're back! =)
I just found that when the one we trust let us down, hardly we recognized, the hurt we feel, is it because our pride being hurt or our heart is broke...
Kristy Nelwan said…
When one let me down, I tend to blame myself from trusting that person at the first place. Not just bizarre, trust is also a RISKY concept.

But possible.
May said…
trust is valuable (and beautiful) precisely because it's risky. but, of course, you know that ;)
Kristy Nelwan said…
Hi May.

Yes, it's beautifully valuable because it's risky. Nevertheless, again, it's possible.

I know that and you know that too.

For me personally, it's n e v e r easy, especially lately. But hey, gotta do what we gotta do. Martin Luther once said, "Truth at all cost."

Now it's my time saying, "Trust at all cost."


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