POSTCARDS: We're classy like that

I'd ask my good friends their home address and people around us would throw me a look that most likely means "Home address? What are you, a 50 years old?"

Even my mum who is in her early 60s would most of time ask for someone's e-mail address when she goes personal. Personal e-mail address, for sure, since all of us have at least 2 e-mail address, don't we? Personal and official email addresses.

God I sounded so ... high-tech right there.

So. I understand how that "you're weird" glare happened, I don't look like I'm in my 60s, that's for a start. Moreover, I live in 2010 and an active user of technology. I'm one of those people who use smart phone for crying out loud, I'm connected 24/7.

But when it comes to my personal relationship, I go further than just messaging each other on Facebook or mentioning each other's name on Twitter. Yes, public display of affection could work to some points, but I really think these special people deserve a lot more than just "Hi hun! How's it going, I miss you," on one of my tweets and wall posts.

To find a nice postcard when I'm in a nice place is one. To get a funny-memorable birthday card is another. Or to hand-write a letter, just like we used to in the old days. Put stamps on it, write their name and home address.

Go classic, I know. It requires efforts, I know.

They deserve it, I know.

And (surprisingly) these people never ask why, let alone throw me a weird glare, when I asked them their home address. We understand each other: In showing our affection, we're classy like that.

Oh, last but not least, it always gives me such mind blowing joys-warm feelings in my heart-to reach the bottom of the page and move my pen to write:

Love you loads,


May said…
the last time i visited a nice place i simply called my loved one frequently. i'm not sure if it's classy or not ;)
Kristy Nelwan said…
yes May. Telling your loved one how waves inspired you new thoughts IS classy.

In my opinion. :)

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