Some of us are full of shit, some are plainly stupid. And the rest are just in love.

Time heals only some pains.
Time answers only some questions.

And there are dawns when we’re stuck with the unhealed pains, hopelessly trying to crack the unanswered questions.

The unsettled mystery. Everything about you and me.

We’ll wait till the sun rises, till the silence disappears.
Till the honest darkness fades, till the eyes shed no more tears.

We’ll loudly wonder where on earth is the absolute truth.

…but secretly wish to see only what we want to see, to listen only what we want to listen, and to love only what we want to love.

To trust only what we want to trust.

If there’s any. 


-Me- said…
Your post reminds me to Ralph Waldo Emerson's concept of Self-Reliance. "All persons have their moments of reason, when they look out into the region of absolute truth".

You're right. We only see what we want to see when we ready to see it (if any)
yossie said…
Simple question.... Mana tulisanmu lagikah? Did u too much enjoyed ur life? Where's your soul as being a writer?

Dont do for me, please dont, ask your heart n do what u hear from there....

I always waiting your story....


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