The BFF Martini

If I could take a glass and make one special cocktail with the mixture of Thank You, You're the Best, What Would I Be Without Our Endless Discussion and I Think I'll Be Fine As Long As You're Around . I would.

And I would hand over the glass to you. So you'd really know what I feel about our friendship.

It's like the best cocktail ever. In hell, heaven, and on earth.

It really is.


ajengsp said…
such a very sweet way to say "thanks for our friendship" :') berkaca-kaca bacanya
Anonymous said…
i really - really love the way you pour your thought to words, nice lines, logical yet touching.
really like your writings, not only this one. I never thought that you the one who wrote these, because I know you from distance (swear to God I'm not a stalker or sort) and just look at your shell.

keep it up-pasti dapet pahala-cheer up

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