Whatever will be

Today I have reached that point when the only thing matters is what I could do without hoping anything in return.
Today I have succeeded dealing with myself and understand, it is fine for me to have this love that is unconditional

...that it is fine for me to admit that I still feel it even when it is starting to be irrational
...that it is fine for me to fight alone, even when I miss you the most above all

...because then I would never regret the time that passed me by, I would always know I have done my best to the only one I have ever met in life.

I strangely love you, hun. For the sake of us, fight. Do waste our time, not. For everything that we have ever said and done, for the world to see that we would never run.

Whatever will be

Whatever will be


Sour Sinom said…
I like this...
clearly yet poetic..great talent u have there..

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